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uiPress changelog

Detailed information about each release of uipress 3. If you want to report a new feature you can do that here – for bug reporting please contact us on our on site chat.

Release 3.3.101 | uiPress lite

20th of May, 2024

Small update with several bug fixes and improvements to page loading.

Updated loading logic and removed opacity transition
Date dynamic now respects current site language
Fixed potential fatal with iconv being undefined
Fixed issue with failed JSON parses causing app to crash
Fixed issue with new tab link clicks in drilldown menu
Fixed issue with post type select
Fixed issue with menu names in custom menus

Release 3.2.2 | uiPress Pro

11th of March, 2024

Small stability update that fixes issue with deactivation hook.

Fixed issue that could cause incorrectly called hook warning

Release v3.2.1 | uiPress pro

14th of February, 2024

A small update to compliment uipress lite's new plugin features.

Added new licence key manager to the site settings
Moved automatic key removal to only happen on plugin deletion
Added fix for shortcode block on multisite

Release v3.3.1 | uiPress lite

14th of February, 2024

This update includes the new interactions API and enhanced block conditions which allow you to do more with the uiBuilder than ever before. We have also added a new licence manager to the site settings to help you manage your keys on each site.

Added new interactions API
Added enhanced block conditions
Added new dedicated licence manager to the site settings
Added tab index to button for accessibility
Updated method for iframe detection allowing for 50% faster page load speeds and less conflicts
Moved screen, help and other content block settings to global template settings
Fixed issue with disabling uipress on specific pages
Fixed issue with ACSS tabs
Fixed issue with remote sync
Added fix for admin pages as sub menu pages
Fixed toolbar items id on frontend
Fixed choice select update method

Release v3.2.09 | uiPress pro

28th of November, 2023

Small stability update with the ability to set links to open in a new tab within the menu builder

Added open in new tab option to the menu builder
Fixed image form block name
Performance improvements with analytic data handling
Fixed issue that was causing infinite submenus in the menu builder
Fixed issue that was causing incorrect decoding in head scripts

Release v3.3.094 | uiPress lite

28th of November, 2023

Small stability update

Fixed issue with toolbars showing on subsites
Fixed issue with cap application on install
Fixed issue with paragraph input not updating input on block change
Fixed issue with adding admin pages as submenus of other admin pages
Added style fixes for: Wicked folders, Groundhogg, Gutenburg dark mode panels, Table text colours
Fixed input validation on paragraph input
Fixed media library blank screen bug

Release v3.2.08 | uiPress pro

21st of November, 2023

Small stability update

Fixed bug with menu creator list where changing roles from the list wouldn't save
Fixed bug with custom menus not applying on susbites
Fixed bug with woocommerce charts not showing when not in English language
Fixed issue preventing the remove from folder option from working

Release v3.3.093 | uiPress lite

21st of November, 2023

Small stability update.

Fixed issue where color picker input block was not showing on the front end
Fixed issue with canvas layout in RTL
Fixed issue with inline image select input that was not showing on front end
Fixed issue that was causing the menu headers not to maintain or show active state

Release v3.3.092 | uiPress lite

15th of November, 2023

Small stability update that fixes several bugs

Fixed issue with responsive preview in uiBuilder
Fixed issue with inset style input validation
Fixed issue with code editor input validation
fixed issue with toggle switch in RTL

Release v3.2.07 | uiPress pro

15th of November, 2023

Small stability update that fixes several issues with the menu builder.

Fixed problem with menu builder that could several issues such as inability to edit, change status and delete

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