In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, driven by a blend of creative energy and frustration with the limitations of the WordPress admin interface, Mark Ashton embarked on a journey that led to the creation of what we now know as UiPress. Mark, a solo founder with a keen eye for design and functionality, initially crafted UiPress (then named Admin 2020) as a personal project. There was no grand plan of selling it; it was more about keeping busy during those challenging times and refining a part of WordPress that seemed stuck in time.

Mark’s initial vision for UiPress was simple—a humble admin theme with minimal settings, providing a cleaner, modernized look to the age-old WordPress backend. With a casual decision, he decided to list it for sale, more out of curiosity than ambition. To his surprise, interest in this fresh take on the WordPress admin interface started pouring in. The WordPress community was intrigued, and Mark, recognizing the potential, dove in headfirst.

As demand grew, so did UiPress. Mark transitioned to working on it full-time, infusing it with new features, expanding its capabilities, and constantly refining the user experience based on feedback and his vision. Impressively, even as the plugin’s popularity skyrocketed, the entire project remains a solo endeavour.

Three years on, after a name transition and countless hours of development, UiPress stands tall as the premier solution for customising the WordPress admin. Its transformation from a modest theme to a full-scale backend page builder is a testament to Mark’s dedication and the plugin’s evolving mission to make the WordPress backend as powerful, yet user-friendly, as possible.

Today, UiPress is trusted and implemented on thousands of websites across the globe. Its reputation as the best plugin for personalising the WordPress admin speaks volumes about its quality, efficiency, and the continuous solo efforts put into its development.

Whether you’re a developer aiming for a more intuitive backend experience, or a business looking for a tailored WordPress dashboard, UiPress, backed by Mark Ashton’s commitment, is the definitive choice.