Today, the admin menu creator module is available with the release of version 2.1.3 of UiPress! This editor is a breeze to use, super quick and does much more than the original menu editor that already existed in the UiPress

The new module lets you have full control over every aspect of the admin menu. Choose only the items you want, edit the names, links icons or add completely custom menu items. You can add custom separators, headers and gives you a live preview of all your changes.

The menu settings give you an easy to use system for controlling who sees the menus you create. If you just want one menu for all your users except your own role, then you will love the exclusive application mode, which allows you to just exclude yourself from the menu changes.

Get an overview of what menus you have and easily deactivate them, export them, duplicate them or edit them, the choice is yours!

As for the menu editor that was already bundled in UiPress, we have kept it active in the plugin but we won’t be developing that module out anymore and it will eventually become depreciated.

As always, let us know what you think, we love your feedback and feel free to join our facebook community here!