Welcome back to another Admin 2020 update run down. This update has focussed on UI and Updates.


The biggest new feature in this version in the introduction of the Notification centre. Plugin notices are necessary in some cases, in others they are down right irritating. So, instead of blindly hiding them all, we moved them all.

Plugin notices, updates, nags and other things now all live in an off canvas area which is easily accessible from the top bell icon in the admin bar. We have also moved plugin, theme and core update notices here too.

Media and Content Page Modals

We have switched over to modal views when clicking on media or content items in the media gallery or content pages.

The new views are much cleaner and easier to navigate along with a couple of new features. When it comes to posts and cpt’s we have added the ability to change post status, featured image and categories directly from the same window so you can now achieved a lot more without ever leaving the content page!

Styling and UI

We have made quite a few styling changes throughout admin 2020, some subtle and some quite large changes but it all works together to provide an even cleaner and easier to navigate interface. For example, this is how a table and it’s row actions now looks:


While automatic updates have been a part of Admin 2020 for several months, we were aware they weren’t working as smoothly as they should.

So in this version is a brand new update library that will handle future release. It also allows you to enable automatic updates should you wish.

And that’s all we are going to cover here, you can see the full release notes below but as always we look forward to hearing your feedback and feature requests!

Admin 2020 x

Release Notes:

Added support for breeze cache plugin

Fixed site health page in dark mode

Fixed alignment of plugin links in the admin bar

Fixed issue with analytics when accessing dates pre account creation

Added a two column responsive layout for overview page (small screens / iPads)

Fixed several issues with WP menu editor

Several ui tweaks with navigation and tables

Added Notification Center

Updated hover view on media items

Various improvements to default media styles and fixes

Reworked content page and media page modals

You can now set categories, post status and featured image straight from the content page modals

Fixed various issues with fluent forms