We’re thrilled to announce a great new update to uiPress, this latest enhancement introduces an array of features aimed at elevating usability, performance, and control, ensuring a seamless and intuitive building journey. Let’s dive into the exciting new features:

Introducing the Interactions API

With our new Interactions API, you can now inject life into your templates like never before. This powerful feature allows you to add dynamic interactions to any block within the builder, such as click, hover, and focus events. Whether you’re looking to create engaging hover effects for images or implement interactive call-to-actions, our Interactions API provides the tools you need to make your templates more interactive and engaging.

Enhanced Block Conditions Component

Flexibility and control are key to crafting a personalised website experience, and our enhanced Block Conditions Component is here to deliver just that. This upgrade offers you unparalleled control over block visibility, enabling you to show or hide blocks based on specific conditions. Whether it’s user roles, time of day, or custom conditions you’ve set, managing your site’s content visibility has never been more intuitive.

Streamlined Licence Key Manager

Managing your uiPress license is now easier than ever, thanks to our newly integrated Licence Key Manager. Built directly into the site settings, this feature allows for effortless access and management of your plugin license. No more navigating through complex settings or external platforms; everything you need is right where you need it, ensuring a smoother, more efficient administrative experience.

Revolutionary Iframe / Framed content Handling

Speed is of the essence in today’s digital landscape, and our update significantly boosts your site’s performance. We’ve introduced an innovative way of handling iframe requests, slashing page load times by an impressive 50%. Not only does this enhance the user experience by providing faster access to your content and less plugin conflicts, but it also reduces server load, ensuring your site runs smoothly even under heavy traffic.

Why Update to the Latest uiPress?

Upgrading to the latest version of uiPress brings a host of benefits to your WordPress site:

  • Enhanced Interactivity: Engage your audience with dynamic interactions, keeping them hooked and improving session times.
  • Greater Control: With improved block conditions, you have the power to tailor your site’s content visibility to match your unique needs.
  • Efficient License Management: Our Licence Key Manager simplifies license handling, saving you time and hassle.
  • Boosted Performance: Experience a significant uplift in site speed and reduced server strain, contributing to better SEO rankings and user satisfaction.

Get Started Today

Ready to take your WordPress site to the next level? Update to the latest version of uiPress and unlock the full potential of your online presence. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a website owner, these new features are designed to enhance your site’s functionality, aesthetics, and performance.

Thank you for choosing uiPress. We’re excited to be part of your website’s journey and look forward to bringing you even more innovative features in the future.