Today we are excited to release another version of UiPress full of new features, improvements and bug fixes! You can see the full change log here

As you may have guessed from the title, the new overview page is now available. The overview page has been built from the ground up to allow unlimited control over the layout, colours and content of your dash. Every card has been rebuilt and redesigned and we have also added five new cards:

  • Date
  • Custom HTML
  • Site Health
  • Custom Video
  • Custom Shortcode

The overview page is now also available in UiPress Lite plan but not all cards are accessible without a Pro subscription.

Complete Control

The new editing mode on the overview page allows you to customise everything on the dash. This mode is only available to admins or, whoever you set in the UiPress settings.

Once you enter editing mode, you can add, edit or remove sections and columns, change widths and change the section titles and descriptions. You can also add or remove cards and each card has it’s own options dropdown which allows you to customise the look and size of the card.

Unlike the previous Overview Page, these changes are not done at user level, once and admin or designated user creates a custom Layout, all users will see it like that.

Custom Cards & Sections

With the new HTML and Shortcode cards there is no end to what you can put on the overview page. One great option is the ability to use a form shortcode so clients can send you support requests without ever leaving the dash.

Combine this with custom sections and the custom video cards you could create a whole section for tutorials and walkthroughs for example.

Developer Friendly

The new overview page is written in Vue.js and we have made it easy to add completely custom cards should you want to create more complex cards and content. We will be posting all the necessary docs on this in the coming days but feel free to message us in the meantime.

Multisite Support

Right now, just as before the Overview Page is not customisable from the network admin but we are aware of how awesome this would be, just as using the menu creator from the network admin would be too. So bare with us, we are working on it!

Other New features from version 2.1.4

A long requested feature was choosing which roles / users could see the updates and notification centre in the user off-canvas bar, this feature has been added and can be set with the UiPress settings. You can also now hide the ‘edit profile’ button from the user menu.

We also added to new options to the advanced tab of UiPress – you can now enqueue scripts straight from the settings page as well as set content for the page head. This is super useful if you wanted to add a chat widget to the admin area for example.