Today we released version 2.3.5 of uipress and shipped the new user management page along with a few other updates and fixes.

User management

The user management page allows you to take control over your users, roles, capabilities and their site activity like never before.

This new feature set makes managing your users, roles and capabilities a breeze. From user groups, powerful filters, messaging features and bulk actions this new page is the best way to manage your users and roles.

User groups and filters

Not only can you manage, create, clone and delete roles you can also create custom capabilities for custom access control.

Activity Logs

As if the user features weren’t enough, we also proud to introduce the integrated activity log that works in unison with the user management page.

This powerful activity log allows you to keep a log of all actions on your site like post creation, comments, site option changes and much more.

Activity page

Filters allow you to find the site actions you are looking for and actions are colour coded to indicate potential issues.

This activity is also contextual and tied to the users who made the change, open a user profile gives you a clear way of seeing recent page views and activity.

User profile

You can see more about the user management features here

Flyout toolbar

We have also introduced an alternative to the conventional admin toolbar. When enabled, the fly-out toolbar takes up a small spot in the bottom right corner and expands on hover allowing you to streamline your interface.

Flyout toolbar

This toolbar contains all the same options you would find on the normal one but just compacted into a new format.

The full change-log for version 2.3.5 can be seen here