We extremely excited to announce UiPress 3 is now available 🎉 The below should help answer some of the questions you may have and what this means for your current sites.

What is UiPress 3?

UiPress 3 is a completely different plugin, from the code to the visual. It’s a block based builder for the WordPress Admin that gives you the power to create custom admin templates, pages and forms.  We didn’t want to create just another, shinier UiPress that you can then go in and tweak to your liking, we wanted to give you the tools to easily create them yourself and I truly believe we have achieved that and more with UiPress 3

Will my settings and pages import from UiPress 2 to this?

Unfortunately, no they won’t. UiPress 3 is completely template based, there is in fact no settings page at all. Admin pages are all built with the new UiBuilder and it just wouldn’t be possible for us to import old settings in.

So I have to redo all my client sites? Are you crazy??

No, don’t worry! UiPress 2 still lives and will continue to receive essential support, security patches and minor bug fixes for at least a year. UiPress 3 will not come through as an update in the dashboard to override UiPress 2, the two will remain separate.

I have a subscription to version 2, will I have to purchase UiPress 3?

If you have an active subscription for UiPress 2 or UiPress 1 or a lifetime licence the no you don’t! The free version is also packed with a lot more features than it used to be so if you are using that then it’s an added bonus for you.

How do I install UiPress 3?

For the first time ever, you can now download UiPress straight from the WordPress repository, you can also download from our website. UiPress pro will be added to your account if you have an active pro subscription.

Do I need UiPress lite installed to use UiPress 3?

Yes! UiPress 3 pro requires UiPress lite to work. If you install UiPress pro without the lite version, you will get a warning and the plugin will not do anything.

UiPress 3 is missing some features from UiPress 2

Some features have not made it into UiPress 3 pro yet and some don’t make sense to port over. UiPress 3 is entirely block based, so the user management page from uipress 2 for example, is currently being broken up into blocks so you can drag the features you want into your templates and leave the others.

UiPress 3 is very different, how do I use it?

We have guides on basic usage here and some videos here and we will be adding plenty more over the coming weeks as we know UiPress 3 is a big departure from the way it used to work.

Should i replace UiPress 2 with version 3 on my client sites?

Yes if you want but we would recommend trying it first and getting used to how it works. Experiment with templates and admin pages before you set anything live. It is possible to get extremely similar results with uipress version 3 (we even have a uipress classic template in the library) to what you had with UiPress 2, just with a lot more flexibility.

I don’t like version 3, can I stay with version 2?

Yes that will be no problem, UiPress will be supported for at least another year with security and essential bug fixes. After a year we will assess the current usage and go from there.

Why are we only just hearing about this now?

The truth is, the plugin is such a departure from what UiPress 2 is, we actually thought it may end up being a different product all together.  However, as the plugin progressed, we realised how intuitive the builder was becoming and how easy the template library was to use and so, we decided it was indeed still UiPress at heart, just a natural progression.