Today we released version 2.3.3 of uipress and along with a bunch of improvements and new features we introduced the theme library!

This allows you to browse pre-made themes & styles for uipress and lets you import them straight into your setup.

At the moment there are about 5 themes in the library but we will be adding new ones every week.

We are also open to submissions from our community, if you wish to contribute please message us on our on site chat!

Other notable features in v2.3.3

We have added an option that allows uipress to set dark mode dynamically depending on your OS settings for dark / light mode.

The navigation for the uipress settings page has had a needed refresh and we have brought search functionality into the page to allow for easier navigation.

We have also added two new small but important white label features, you can now rename the plugin author and plugin author URL of uipress in the plugin table so now you can link your clients straight back to your site.

Matomo Analytics add on released

We released our first official add on a last week, and it brings Matomo Analytics to the overview page! You can see more info about this add on here.