In the realm of WordPress, the backend admin area often doesn’t get as much love as the front. Many users are satisfied with the out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all admin dashboard, but what if it could be better? Enter UiPress, the game-changing WordPress admin theme that allows you to revolutionise your backend experience.

UiPress is a cutting-edge, feature-packed WordPress admin theme that adds a powerful punch to your dashboard. It offers comprehensive customisation and feature-rich enhancements that far outstrip the standard WordPress admin interface.

Standout Features

Unlike many other admin themes, UiPress offers complete design freedom with a block-based visual builder specifically tailored for the WordPress backend. You can create unique admin dashboards, entirely personalised to your needs. But the customisation does not end at aesthetics.

UiPress includes a robust dynamic data system, a query loop builder, seamless user, capability, and role management system with a built-in activity and history system. On top of that, it enables you to integrate Google Analytics and WooCommerce analytics directly into your dashboard for easy access to important data.

Why Choose UiPress

Compared to other WordPress admin themes, UiPress goes the extra mile to improve user experience. Its speed and performance are impressive, with pages loading quickly without a slowdown. Moreover, UiPress respects your privacy, collecting no user data what so ever.

UiPress is also versatile. With its menu creator, you can create unique admin menus for different users and roles. Its full white-label features and customisable styles give you complete control over your WordPress backend, making UiPress the superior WordPress admin theme.

An overview of the uiBuilder


With its innovative features, high-speed performance, and seamless user experience UiPress is the WordPress admin theme that transcends the rest. Start using UiPress today, and experience the difference a high-quality WordPress admin theme can make to your backend experience.