Managing user roles and capabilities in WordPress can sometimes feel like trying to untangle a complicated knot. You have a wide array of roles, permissions, and users to manage, and the default tools can leave you wanting more. Enter UiPress – a powerful WordPress plugin that streamlines user management, making it intuitive and robust.

The Challenges of User Management in WordPress

By default, WordPress offers a set of predefined roles – Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber, each with its own capabilities. While this provides some level of control over what users can do, it can quickly become restrictive or confusing. Modifying or creating new roles can be a tricky affair, requiring technical knowledge or the use of additional plugins. Then, you have to manage individual users – a task that can be time-consuming and complex, especially for websites with large user bases.

Simplifying User Management with UiPress

UiPress understands these challenges and provides an all-in-one solution to make WordPress user management a breeze.

Seamless User, Capability, and Role Management

UiPress has an inbuilt activity/history system that provides a complete overview of all user actions. This helps you keep track of changes, modifications, and user behaviours, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Furthermore, you can easily assign and change user roles, streamlining the management process.

Complete Control Over User Access

With UiPress, you have the power to determine what different user roles can see and do within your admin area. This granular control allows you to tailor the user experience based on their role, providing them with a clean, distraction-free dashboard.

Dynamic Role-Based Menu Builder

UiPress features a menu creator that allows you to design unique admin menus for different users or roles. This not only makes the admin area more intuitive for users, but it also helps keep things organised and efficient.

Admin menu builder in uipress

Efficient User Onboarding

Through custom admin pages, you can create unique onboarding experiences for each role. This helps new users understand how to navigate the admin area and perform their tasks more efficiently.

Analytics dashboard made with uiPress

Full White Label Features

UiPress pro offers white label features, allowing you to replace the WordPress branding with your own. This can improve trust and create a more professional look for your user roles.


WordPress user management doesn’t have to be a struggle. With UiPress, you can streamline the process, giving you more control and your users a better experience. Whether you’re running a multi-author blog, an online store, or a membership site, UiPress can transform the way you manage users, making it simpler, more efficient, and highly customisable. Try UiPress today and revolutionise your WordPress user management experience.