Version 3.2 is now available and is the biggest update to uiPress since version 3 released late last year. In this article we are going to cover the biggest changes and new features.

Query builder

The new query builder in uipress opens up countless possibilities for your templates and admin pages. Not only is the query builder easy to use and works with every block, it can query through posts, pages, custom post types, users and if you are on multisite, subsites!

The query builder also gives you an optional search input as well as simple pagination. The query builder was designed to work seamlessly with the new dynamic data system.

Dynamic data

The uiBuilder already had a dynamic data system in place but it was lacking in several areas. The latest release introduces the new dedicated dynamic data selector. simply type ‘{{‘ in any input in the builder and the selector will pop up allowing you to add dynamic data in any input.

The new dynamic data selector also introduces a dedicated section for data to be used specifically within the query builder as well as new ways to fetch post and user meta data.

Redesigned builder

Version 2 introduces a completely redesigned and optimised builder experience, It’s fast, easy to use and more powerful. While the old builder was powerful, it was not the easiest to use and had a steep learning curve so we listened to the all the feedback from months of use and got to work on making it easier and more powerful for everyone.

Style presets

Style presets are a great addition to the uiBuilder, similar to smart patterns that allow for reusable blocks and layouts but they only deal with the style settings of the block, not the content. Once you create a style preset you can apply that preset to any block and when you make changes to the preset, it will update across any bocks that are linked to it.

Pseudo and element states

With v3.2 you can edit styles specific to an element state, such as hover or active using the new state switcher. Combined with the new effects style stack this allows you to create beautiful animations as well customise blocks for different devices.


As well as launching version 3.2 we have also launched a brand documentation area with a growing number of how to docs and references to help you get the most out of uiPress. You can view them here.

There are many other improvements and features within the builder that give you more flexibility as well improve the builder experience and we can’t wait for you try them out. As always we open to any feedback and look forward to seeing what you can create with the new uiBuilder!