Version 3.3.0 is now available and it contains lots of improvements, new features, bug fixes and massive performance improvements. For a full list of changes you can check out the change log.


uiPress lite and pro have both been refactored, and in parts completely rewritten with performance and simplicity in mind. This has resulted in speed improvements of up to 300% in the uiBuilder and a lot less re-renders. Pages in the admin now load much quicker too and using uiTemplates should feel snappier and more stable.

New colour picker and styles manager

It’s now easier than ever to work with your custom colour palettes in uiPress. For version 3.3.0 we have built a brand new colour picker with a dedicated style manager and integrated search.

In addition to the new colour picker, we’ve enhanced the style editing experience. Creating and managing variables can be done within any colour picker screen and allows for seamless experience when switching between dark and light modes.

Editing styles

We have also added an inline search to help you find the variable you are looking for.

New builder canvas

The old canvas area in the builder, while functional was often difficult to navigate and didn’t respond to intuitive gestures and inputs.

We have now introduced a brand new canvas that renders elements quicker and responds to natural inputs like pinch to zoom, multidirectional panning and much better frame rendering.

We have also refactored and improved the drag and drop logic for a smoother experience when moving blocks around the canvas.

Admin pages

Admin pages load faster, and you can now set custom slugs within the builder.

Folders, user management and menu builder

All of the pro extensions have been improved under the hood as well as receiving user interface refreshes to bring them in line with the plugins style.

The folders extension has been completely rewritten resulting in better performance and it works much better with WordPress media modals and external page builders.

Builder and UI improvements

Most components in the uiBuilder have been refactored and restyled. There is now a more unified and modern UI within the builder and it’s settings.

The layers panel will now highlight the block in the canvas that you are hovering over and vice versa and the new context menu handles block actions quicker and now supports common shortcuts.

Block settings now open about 500% quicker and subtle changes to the layout should result in a simpler editing experience. Behind the scenes, our optimisations ensure that smaller template files are saved to the database.

We have also made some minor changes to the core admin theme that help unify the experience and modernise the look of core WordPress pages.

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