Today we are celebrating the release of version 2 of admin 2020, a brand new, completely rewritten iteration of the powerful admin plugin for WordPress. Version 2 is quicker, sleeker, more powerful and more compatible with all your favourite plugins.

Modular design

Version 2 is now fully modular and everything the plugin does is broken down into modules or features sets. This means you can use admin 2020 in a number of ways. Don’t like the new menu but want to keep everything else, no problem! Or maybe you just want to use admin 2020 for it’s folder system, easily done! The following modules are available:

  • Admin Bar
  • Menu
  • Theme
  • Login
  • Folders
  • Overview
  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Advanced
  • Menu Editor
an example of the overview page with default WordPress ui.

Each module can be easily disabled by user role or username or you can turn the module off all together.

New settings interface

The old admin 2020 settings page was getting cluttered and at times confusing so it was import for us while building version 2 that we delivered a much cleaner and easier to use experience.

This is where you can enable and disable modules and each module has it’s own settings page.

Your admin, your way

You can now customise much more about admin 2020 straight from the settings page. You can set background colours for the admin bar, menu and body for both light and dark mode, change global padding add logos with remote URLS and more.

Streamlined UI

Version 2 makes much better use of screen space and as mentioned earlier allows control of element padding to give you even more control.

The new ui is clean, quicker than previous versions of Admin 2020 and most importantly, is much more compatible with other plugins.

Default WordPress media library with admin 2020 folders

Media & Content in one place

The content page now loads up and works perfectly with media files which means you really can manage all your assets, posts and pages in one place. Combined with folders you can now create highly organised clusters of content to suite your workflow.

Admin 2020 lite

We have also released admin 2020 lite, a completely free version of admin 2020 that comes with basic features. Going forward all paid plans get the Admin 2020 Pro plugin.


This one has been a long requested feature and we are happy to announce that Admin 2020 now supports RTL right out of the box.

There are countless other improvements both under the hood and user facing and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Admin 2020 team