Version 2.1.6 released today and it’s packed full of improvements and new features. As always you can see the full changelog here as we will just go over some of the bigger changes in this post.

Brand New Admin Bar

The biggest change in this update is a totally rebuilt admin bar. The bar it self may not look all that different but a lot has changed under the hood. The new admin bar is much more efficient and way quicker. It doesn’t get bogged down when you have a large amount of plugin updates or notices and it is more compatible on the front end than before.

The user offcanvas menu got a design overhaul in this update and simplifies the options, updates and notifications.

We also added two new options to the admin bar settings:

Show site title in admin bar

This option is quite self explanatory, it will load your site title into the admin bar.

Force Light text (light mode)

This second option is for when you set a dark colour for the admin bar in light mode. It switches the text to a lighter colour to maintain contrast.

Multisite Overview

From version 2.1.6 onwards you can now create a custom dashboard on the network admin level. You can either use this for your own network admin dashboard or if you are using network override, you can create a custom dashboard for all your subsites, directly from the network admin!

The UiPress menu creator got a couple of new features in this update. You can now add custom classes to any menu item and you can also make links open in a new tab.